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The Sea To Sky Miata Club's mission is to have fun, enjoy driving our Miatas and to share this passion with others! Remember, you own the best, most beloved sports car in the world.  We are committed to bringing members up to date news about Club events and Miata related developments. To become a member and to get involved in our activities, just email us. The Club's success depends on your support.

Members and tourmasters are encouraged to look at the Club's guidelines for runs.

Hi everyone,

Mazda Canada is giving me a new 2016 to drive and for everyone to see and sit in on our final run. We'll drive through Fort Langley and then take a few back roads and weave our way over to a Winery in South Surrey for those who want to taste some wine. From there over for lunch about 12:30. From there I am still trying to decide a short drive. Right now we have approx 21 cars and approx 32 people and I am sure it will increase. I hope this will give you an idea of my plans. Because of the group size I am planning an appetizer buffet for approx $15 per person, drinks and gratuity extra. We will head to another Winery in the afternoon and they charge $5 for sampling and is set up in a private room. The start time is correct and I may modify it a bit due to the size but it will give you an idea where we are going. Please respond to on the forum or to me direct.


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Enjoy your Miata to its fullest!

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