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The Sea To Sky Miata Club's mission is to have fun, enjoy driving our Miatas and to share this passion with others! Remember, you own the best, most beloved sports car in the world.  We are committed to bringing members up to date news about Club events and Miata related developments. To become a member and to get involved in our activities, just email us. The Club's success depends on your support.

Members and tourmasters are encouraged to look at the Club's guidelines for runs.


On behalf of the new board, we would like to thank everyone for their attendance and interest in the club at this year’s AGM. The group assisted in reviewing and scheduling this year’s activities and runs. Thanks to Evelyn for setting up the sale of Club Shirts. The calendar of events will be posted soon so please stay tuned and if you have any new ideas or questions please contact the board. We are always open to members’ ideas and are always open to change; just let us know. If you have any questions or suggestions please send them to us.

Many Thanks

Your Board




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Enjoy your Miata to its fullest!

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Sea To Sky Miata Club, 2010

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